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Herbal Monograph

Herb: Saw Palmetto (Serona)(Sabal serrulata; Palmaceae)(6)    (Serona serrulata)(14) (Serona Repens) (15)                                                                    

Other Names:  

Energetics: pungent, sweet, warm(6) 

Meridians/Organs affected: kidney, spleen, liver  (6); lungs, throat, reproductive organs and kidneys   (14)                                                   

Parts used:  the fruit(6)


Active constituents:essential oil, fatty oil, with capric, caprylic and lauric acids, fatty acids, carotene, tannin, sitosterol invert sugar, estrogenic substance (6)                                                               

Actions: yang and yin tonic, diuretic, expectorant, roborant, aphrodisiac(6)

               diuretic, tonic, antiseptic, sedative    (14)

               aphrodisiac, tonic, diuretic, urinary antiseptic    (15)   

Conditions and Uses:It is used for wasting diseases, impotence, frigidity, and prostate problems (combined with echinacea). It helps build muscles, is good for colds, asthma, bronchitis, and catarrh due to deficiency and coldness. (6)

Saw Palmetto berries improve the digestion and increase weight and strength. This herb is a useful agent in all throat diseases, colds, bronchitis, whooping cough and head

and nose congestion. It is a sexual stimulant and valuable in treating diseases of the reproductive organs, ovaries, prostate and testes. When recovering from diseases of the glands, it is an especially good tonic and will speed recovery.


Asthma:  Fluid Extract*, Powder*, Decoction*

            Bronchitis:  Decoction*, Powder*

            Colds:  Decoction*

            Dysmenorrhea:  Fluid Extract*, Powder*, Decoction*

            Enlarged prostate:  Fluid Extract*, Tincture, Decoction

Frigidity: Fluid Extract, Decoction,  Tincture

            Impotence in young men: Tincture, Fluid Extract, Powder

            Nerve Tonic:  Tincture, Fluid Extract, Powder, Decoction

            Ovarian enlargement:  Tincture, Fluid Extract, Powder

            Sexual neurasthenia:  Tincture (combine with tincture of oats “avena sativa”),

                                                   Fluid Extract 

            Sinus and respiratory problems:  Decoction, Tincture, Fluid Extract, Powder

            Sterility:  Tincture,  Fluid Extract,  Powder    (14)

For prostate problems: Diuretic; urinary antiseptic with specific hormonal action on the male reproductive system, reducing benign prostate enlargement.   (15)

Compounds in this herb have demonstrated a remarkable ability to inhibit DHT, the hormone that causes prostate inflammation. Saw Palmetto does not change the level of testosterone or other hormones in the blood, but it does stop tissues, especially those in the prostate from utilizing it. In fact this herb is about 25 times stronger than cyproterone, a once-common prostate anti-inflammation and cancer drug now considered too toxic for noncancerous conditions.

Clinical trials on saw palmetto have been performed in France W. Vahlensieck, M.D., and his associate researchers found that saw palmetto greatly reduced symptoms associated with prostate enlargement–including pain and incontinence–within three months.

In Germany, 11 separate studies on saw palmetto, involving a total of 500 men, were conducted over a period of a few years. When the results for men over 60 years old were pooled, it was shown that the men who took this herb had less than half as many symptoms as those who did not. The other good news is that almost no side effects were reported.   (29)

Combinations: It is used for…prostate problems (combined with echinacea)….

For sexual neurasthenia take the tincture (combine with tincture of oats “avena sativa”)    (14)

For prostate problems: Use as a simple, or combine with hydrangea  and horsetail to increase action on the prostate.   (15)

*  Saw palmetto is usually used in combination with other herbs when treating the indicated problem   (14)                                                                                                                                                 


Tincturing Process:

Applications: For prostate problems:Add 10 g berries to 500 ml water for decoction, or take up to 2 ml tincture up to 3x daily(15)                                  


Dosage:  3-12 gms. (6)

                Infusion:  steep 5-15  minutes.  6  oz. two to three times daily

                Tincture:  15 to 60 drops  two to three times daily

                Fluid Extract: 10 drops two to three times daily

                Powder:  2 to 4 #0 capsules  (10 to 20 grains)  two to three times daily    (14)                                                                       


General Notes:                                                                                                




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