John Edmiston Milich

The “why ?” of vocation or any endeavour is always more important than the what.

Indeed, to address the why of what we do for a living thrice activates, empowers and glorifies the soul.

I’ve studied, practiced, taught and written about astrology since May 30, 1972. I love astrology for its mythological, poetic and mathematical language; the multidimensional self-knowledge it imparts about the cosmos and the individual.

I also love that astrology offers each person a visualisation for her/his human potential rather than a cookie-cutter “predictive future.” Astrology’s most useful feature is understanding the planets and how their relationships offer key “timing devices” about knowing and flowing with the impermanent cycles of life and fathoming the spiritual (and mathematically precise) truths about “this too shall pass,” for any particular circumstance.

My first questions to you in making an appointment is, “Why and what do you wish to discuss with me in consultation for 90 minutes?” This, of course, only outlines matters for an intelligent and productive discussion.

I have a unique method of opening and exploring a conversation about why and what you most want to discuss, without using astrological jargon. I take clues from your horoscope but draw no premature conclusions. I want you to tell me who you are, what’s on your mind and how our conversation can help express your soul’s specialties in this earthly life, i.e., your soul-mission or “career path,” or to better understand your love relationships or to assist with navigating personal crisis.

Talking and writing astrology enthuses me with the Love of the Universe and the Perfection of ALL Creation

All the above, plus I am hardwired by Spirit and astrologically endowed to put myself in the shoes of another person.
This is why this website.

John Edmiston Milich


In offering my astrological services, I recognise that we are, at once, simultaneously, dual beings: our higher case Self is spiritual and eternal while the other lower case self is mortal and temporary. The astrological horoscope is about the latter, though we never lose awareness of the greater contexts of Allah/God/Jah/100 Hundred Other Names for the ONE CREATOR ~~~~~ the Soul and the Spirit of ALL.


The sages of antiquity have long advised that the sole purpose of Life is summarized in two words: Know Thyself. 

The most valuable service that I provide pertains to expanding your self knowledge. Astrology is an art-science that’s unparalleled in providing symbolic guidance and affirmations that greatly facilitates rapid and effective personal growth in every dimension of your life.

I use a client’s astrological chart as a basic tool in opening a conversation on how my client’s birth planets are expressed in that person’s evolving physical, psychological, soul and spiritual dimensions. 

Collaboratively, we deepen your understanding concerning matters of love (divine and romantic), career (your particular mission(s) in life), close relationships, business, money matters, marriage possibilities, dynamic health and joyous living. 

People often seek my services during times of transformational life changes; breakdowns, breakups and breakthroughs; inordinate stress, anxiety and confusion, oftentimes resulting in a major health crisis.

My 33-year practice as an herbal medicine-maker, likewise, provides a valuable knowledge base regarding herbal and nutritional treatments, various alternative healing modalities and spiritual practices bringing better health and peace of BEing. Each person has at least one herbal “ally.” Others have many. Let’s talk about yours and mine.

The most crucial service that I provide is crisis management concerning life’s transforming events, their repercussions and opportunities. My service goes beyond the comforting truth, “This too shall pass.” I have the astrological insight to identify the planetary “crisis aspects” that are impacting your life, pin-pointing these dynamic planetary cycles and calculating the precise timing of their release, i.e., the moment of “lesson learned,” often after years of challenge and crisis. The Greatest Lesson: This Too Shall Pass.

My favorite astrological axiom is, “The wise man (or woman) rules his (or her) own stars” and not the other way around.

Ultimately, we are not bound, limited or stuck by the planets, the stars and their cycles; however, knowing the heavenly bodies and their cycles in our personal lives provides a tool of self-understanding not unlike a compass or a flashlight. 

I offer 90-minute, recorded telephone consultation services, payable by credit card at the time of appointment.
Please call at least two weeks in advance to allow for time to process your accurate horoscope and intake your particular questions or concerns for the consultation.
Recordings of in-person consultations may not be possible.

Fee Structure:

Three-tier sliding scale – $100-$175 or $250 – depending upon your ability to pay. 

You decide what level is most affordable for you. 



Still pulling together the somewhat expensive recording technicals, I am not prepared yet for scheduling appointments, though I’ve been getting there step-by-step with this website for the past several months. I’m circulating this to my closest friends and cohorts for your loving energies, comments and editorial insights. It ALL helps, and it’s manifesting.