John Edmiston Milich
John Edmiston Milich

The sages of antiquity have long advised that the sole purpose of Life is summarized in two words: Know Thyself.

The most valuable service that I can provide pertains to expanding your self knowledge. Astrology is an art-science that’s unparalleled in providing symbolic affirmations that allow for rapid and effective personal growth.  

I offer a unique consultation service offers insights and guidance from my decades-long experience as an astrologer, herbalist and meditation student. 

I use a client’s astrological chart as a basic tool in opening a conversation on how my client’s planets at birth and their placements are expressed in that person’s evolving physical, psychological, soul and spiritual dimensions. 

Collaboratively, we can deepen your understanding regarding matters of love (romantic and divine), career (your mission in life), close relationships,  business, money matters, marriage possibilities, good health and joyous living. 

There are also specific life goals and other objectives where I can serve you on a retainer basis through ongoing consultation and coaching. 

People often seek my services during times of transformational life changes; breakdowns, breakups and breakthroughs; inordinate stress, anxiety and confusion ~ oftentimes combining for a major health crisis.

My longtime practice as an herbal medicine-maker provides a valuable knowledge base regarding herbal and nutritional treatments, various alternative healing modalities and spiritual practices such as present-now-centered meditation that brings profound Peace of Mind in simply realizing and enjoying the nature of your own Being.

The most crucial service that I provide is crisis management concerning life’s transforming events, their repercussions and opportunities. My service goes beyond the comforting truth, “This too shall pass.” I can identify the planetary “crisis aspects” that are impacting your life, pin-pointing these dynamic planetary cycles and calculating the precise timing of their creative release.

My favorite astrological axiom is, “The wise man (or woman) rules his (or her) own stars” and not the other way around.

Ultimately, we are not bound, limited or stuck by the planets, the stars and their cycles; however, knowing the heavenly bodies and their cycles in our personal lives provides a tool of self-understanding not unlike a compass or a flashlight. 

My service guarantees that such guidance and insights to your life are worth the costs of the consultation, or you need not pay. 

90-Minute Consultation and Fee Structure:

I offer a simple three-tier sliding scale – either $100-$150 or $200 – depending upon your ability to pay. 

You decide what level is most affordable. 





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